Embracing Change in a World of ‘What’s Next?’

I’ve gotten used to waking up each morning and asking myself “What’s Next?” as I drink my coffee and prepare for the day. The chamber world has always been about leading forward, preparing yourself and your team to see just enough ahead to successfully deliver on relevancy, and be nimble and flexible enough to adapt on a dime. Today it seems like we have to do all three every day and with added vigor.

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Retiring President/CEO Leaves Lasting Impact

Every year the chair of the board is asked to provide an outgoing column in the W.A.C.E. Insider newsletter. Traditionally, the chair of the board is asked to recap his or her year; highlighting the various mission driven programming that assisted our members and our industry. That’s something I could certainly do here.

I could talk about the invaluable webinar series we did this past fall and winter. I could highlight the various workshops W.A.C.E. has facilitated, like the volunteer leadership workshop we hosted. I could go into detail about the importance of the board basics video series which our members can share with their respective boards.

Or I could highlight the constant outreach that our association provides to local chambers and our members throughout the West through W.A.C.E. President and CEO Dave Kilby.

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