Recruit New Members, Enter Prize Drawing

Share your enthusiasm for belonging to W.A.C.E. with your peers by encouraging them to become a member.

Secure a membership from a neighboring chamber, a coworker or vendor company, then, get entered to win a complimentary registration to the 2025 W.A.C.E. conference —taking place in Las Vegas — for each new member you recruit.

“The chamber industry is not immune from the workforce challenges all business is and will continue to experience. W.A.C.E.’s purpose, ‘to enhance and promote the professional growth and competence of chamber of commerce executives,’ is more vital than ever,” said Lorraine Clarno, ACE, president/CEO of the Discover Kalispell (MT) Chamber and chair of the W.A.C.E. Board.

“A membership in W.A.C.E. is an investment whose ROI is invaluable to executives and staff. Having access to exceptional programming such as peer group mentorship, webinars and podcasts, annual conference, and roundtables, paired with the resource library, gives chambers the support and tools they need to remain relevant and serve their community. I strongly encourage us to contact a neighboring chamber and share our personal W.A.C.E. stories of success and collaboration. Invite them to our table!”

How the Campaign Works

For EACH and EVERY new member that joins the association, the recruiter will be entered into a drawing for a free, three-day conference registration for the 2025 W.A.C.E. conference at the M Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, NV.

The “member-get-a-member” campaign will be in effect until January 26, 2024. The prize drawing will take place at the 2024 conference in Garden Grove, CA.

Who’s a Prospect

A current membership roster can be found in the “Members Portal” section of, which includes listings by chamber, by state and individual names.

Membership prospects could include neighboring chamber CEOs and staff professionals; co-workers at your chamber. Companies that your chamber does business with and which would like to expand their client base to other chambers in the West are eligible for our “Sustaining Member” category.

To assist you in this effort, a membership application is included in this issue of the Insider.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you put your name on the “Recruiter” line on the application to get credit for the prize drawing.

If you or any of the prospects you’re reaching out to have questions, don’t hesitate to have them contact W.A.C.E. Interim President/CEO Jennifer Johnson, IOM, at (916) 930-1241 or .

Good luck and go get ’em!