Plenty of Reasons to Attend 2023 Conference

Future Forward Conference 2023The 2023 conference is absolutely packed with the tools you need to be a catalyst, convener and champion to propel your chamber forward into the future.

In talking with several W.A.C.E. members, the following have emerged as some of the key reasons to attend the 2023 annual conference next month in Sacramento.

#1 Relationships

The conference is a great opportunity to make new friends, see your lifelong chamber buddies and make business connections with our exhibitors, whose products and services can help take your chamber to the next level.

#2 Answers

The 2023 conference, chaired by Whitney Diver McEvoy, the president/CEO of the Yountville (CA) Chamber, offers up an unprecedented educational experience. With a record number of 30 breakout sessions on Monday and Tuesday (organized in five tracks), attendees can pick and choose a conference that will meet their specific personal and chamber needs.

#3 Great Speakers

A huge part of the conference is the general session speakers, who will inspire and help make you a better leader.

Justin Patton will kick off the conference on Monday morning. Economist Chris Thornberg will unravel what’s happening with the economy on Tuesday morning. Futurist Erica Orange will have the spotlight on Wednesday morning.

The closing session of the conference will be the extremely popular “Ted Talk-like” presentations from four W.A.C.E. members sharing their thoughts on “Ensuring Organizational Resilience.”

#4 Smart People

Have you ever noticed that the best and the brightest in the chamber business attend the W.A.C.E. conferences? Chambers that seem to have the most problems, hardly ever leave town, much less attend a professional development conference.

It’s pretty simple; if you want to soar to future success, your chances increase dramatically by attending the annual conference.

#5 Exhibitors

In addition to your chamber peers, there’ll be a bunch of other smart folks attending the 2023 conference. Our exhibitors are looking forward to partnering and doing business with you and your chamber. Visit the exhibitors … you’ll be glad you did!

#6 Catch Your Breath

Let’s face it, many of you are so busy, you need to get away from the chamber rat race and be around your peers — people who really, truly understand what you do and have to put up with.

#7 Give Back

The W.A.C.E. Foundation’s opportunity drawing and live auction are great opportunities to “give back” to the chamber industry. The monies raised go to scholarships to help your peers get professional development training.

An added bonus is by bidding on auction items, you can get some really “cool stuff” — maybe even your next family vacation.

#8 Winning a “Trophy”

Not everyone gets a trophy at W.A.C.E. but we do have a tremendous awards program acknowledging and recognizing the “Best in the West.” You could be an award winner!

See you soon in Sacramento!