Testimonials on W.A.C.E. Program

The New Board Basics Page

“The W.A.C.E. Board Basics videos are a perfect tool for any chamber. These brief, impactful messages give the perfect guidance to strengthen who sits on your board, understand the importance of the role they play, and have them driven to peak performance by staying on target as a 3C organization.”

Kristen Dare, ACE, Santee (CA) Chamber

Chamber Leaders Workshop

“This workshop is perfect for getting our volunteer board leaders on track with governance, general operations and board leadership in support of the CEO and staff. This workshop will give your chamber leaders an understanding of just exactly what we do as a chamber of commerce industry. It’s presented in a fun and understandable way, encouraging active participation. I highly recommend it for every chamber and their volunteer leaders.”

Marnie Uhl, ACE, Prescott Valley (AZ) Chamber

Webinar Series

“W.A.C.E. webinars are the perfect quick-hit for good ideas, delivered conveniently from some of the smartest minds in the industry. For professionals who have difficulty making time for professional development, these webinars are a wise investment.”

T.J. Sullivan, Parker (CO) Chamber

CEO Salary Survey Memo

“The W.A.C.E. CEO salary and benefits survey memo is a priceless benefit that I have used over the past several years for my performance and salary review. The personalized memo outlines compensation and benefit packages of similarly sized chambers and gives me leverage to negotiate my salary. I’m grateful for this valuable W.A.C.E. resource!”

Carol Crosby, Whittier Area (CA) Chamber

Chamber Leadership Podcast

“As CEOs, presidents, executive directors or any part of the chamber staff these days, we are ALL busy! I get it! We all feel like Maverick in the Top Gun movie — except we’re going MACH 10 all the time. We don’t have time to stop and read everything that comes our way. However, there is definitely one time when I stop to pause, and spend some time improving and developing myself or grab an idea or two to help me grow as a leader of my chamber and my community. When I see the email about the W.A.C.E. Chamber Leadership Podcast, this is when I take a needed break, grab a cup of coffee and listen. I find this time when I shut down the jets and let the engines cool to relax, to be present and learn. It recharges my batteries for the rest of the day and makes me a better leader for my team.”

Shane Etzwiler, Great Falls Area (MT) Chamber

Resource Library

“A never-finished ‘to-do list’ means we must work smarter, not harder. My secret weapon? The W.A.C.E. Resource Library with over 700 documents and new material added this year. Working smarter means not recreating the wheel. A quick search allows me to build on the success of colleagues using resources from around the West. I appreciate seeing how others have tackled the same issue in their community. If you haven’t searched the resource library or peeked recently, you should. My secret weapon shouldn’t be a secret to W.A.C.E. members.”

Gail Zurek, ACE, Visalia (CA) Chamber