Execs Work to Boost Business Connections, Develop Workforce, Recruit New Members

What is one goal you want to accomplish before the end of the year?

Sally Harrison
Mesa (AZ) Chamber

One of our many goals would be to fully realize the benefits of our ongoing workforce development program. Through the years we have developed strong partnerships with our education members and have developed a framework for connecting students and employers. Our expectation is to scale our program and be an effective resource to meet the workforce needs of our business community.

By connecting the right student to the right business through internships, we intend to keep talented community members employed locally in the jobs that they are going to school to learn.

Kathi Roetter
Executive Director
Troy Area (OH) Chamber

Currently, I am working on a “Business Friendly Troy” initiative. Our community boasts about being business friendly but unfortunately that isn’t what we hear at the chamber.

Through a series of roundtable discussions, we are listening to what businesses have to say about starting or expanding their business in Troy. The roundtable discussions consist of new businesses that have opened in the last three years, as well as longstanding businesses.

The goal is to have the initiative completed by the end of 2022. We will then share with our city council, economic development staff and our board. We expect the report to guide our local advocacy efforts for the next year.

Pat MulQueeny, IOM
Eden Prairie (MN) Chamber

The past two years have been tougher for new member recruitment, but with more programs, promotions and telling our members stories, we have seen an uptick in prospects and participation.

One of our most important goals I am focused on achieving is having 70 new members for the calendar year 2022. We are over halfway there and have our major recruiting luncheon in August that should add between 15 and 20 new members from that one event. Excited for the momentum we have going right now!

Kim Latrielle
Missoula Area (MT) Chamber

Chambers of commerce are the oldest and most powerful business organizations in our communities and in our state. Top leadership in our state had a need to connect with businesses statewide. With American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding and workforce shortage/hurdles, there is a greater need to inform, engage and hear directly from businesses. Our state found that the cost to attempt to contact every business was prohibitive.

The Missoula Chamber seized this opportunity and personally contacted every chamber in the state of Montana to develop an email database. The efficiency in both time and dollars to reach every chamber in our state not only adds value to us as an organization but strengthens our business membership. It provides the state a direct communication tool to address workforce hurdles: lack of child care, rapid training needs, and shortage of workers.

By the end of this year, my personal goal is to engage every chamber in our state to connect to demonstrate the power of chambers and our local businesses. This brings relevancy, engagement, and connection opportunities for our chamber and our members.