Member Testimonials on W.A.C.E. Programs

Chamber Performance Survey

“The quality of the deliverables from the W.A.C.E. Chamber Performance Survey far exceed our dollar investment. Not only does W.A.C.E. do all the work in surveying members; they provide the results in a detailed, high-quality presentation that could be shared with the Board of Directors. I highly recommend utilizing this valuable member benefit.”

Lori Mattson, President/CEO, Tri-City Regional (WA) Chamber

‘The Chamber Is’ Ad Wizard

“When we developed the ad campaign, we envisioned its power, because of its definitive nature, defining what a chamber should be and could be when the Board, CEO and staff get focused on the mission of the 3Cs. We did not know until months later in 2020 that a pandemic would make it possible for chambers anywhere to rise to new heights of respect, value and importance in the eyes of their members and community. Seize the 3Cs, as these days have created a rare window of opportunity for your chamber.”

Pat Patrick, President/CEO, Lodi (CA) Chamber


Chamber Leadership Podcast

“In the digital age, there are more than enough podcasts out there. Our staff finds the W.A.C.E. podcasts to be the best bang for your time. Every topic is timely and helps our chamber and economic development corporation immediately be a better organization. The guests are subject experts and they are fun to listen to. Well done!”

Amy Sherman, President and CEO, Northwest Douglas County (CO) Chamber and Economic Development Corporation

CEO Salary and Benefits Survey

“One of the great advantages of belonging to W.A.C.E. is being able to participate in various surveys to benchmark and learn what other chambers are doing. I found the CEO Salary Survey to be especially beneficial. Data from comparable chambers your size (revenue, number of members, staff, etc.) is shared confidentially, including salary range, average salary, benefits, bonus info. This was extremely beneficial as my board asked for this information and I was able to provide it to them right away. I also appreciate the Staff Salary and Benefits Survey to make sure we’re in the proper compensation range for my staff.”

Shane Etzwiler, President/CEO, Great Falls Area (MT) Chamber

W.A.C.E. Resource Library

“Throughout my years of Board retreats, committee and staff meetings, there have been MANY ideas thrown out and several very good ones. Then, the work begins; but first, the overwhelming thoughts of ‘how on earth am I going to create this’ and ‘I wonder if anyone else has ever done it’ run through my mind. My FIRST step is the W.A.C.E. Resource Library! No doubt, the Resource Library has been my friend on many occasions. Whether to create a program by reviewing other chambers’ documents, researching various HR issues, or just gathering details to present to help understand the logistics, costs and results of an idea, I highly recommend the W.A.C.E. Resource Library as your first step. It will save you time, frustration and money. Quite frankly, it also makes you look good having so much information at your fingertips.”

Julie Snyder, IOM, CTE, Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Area (TX) Chamber