CEO Salary Info Is a ‘Priceless’ Member Benefit

Chamber CEOs, have you ever wondered how your salary and benefits package measures up to other comparable chamber executives in the West?

For our W.A.C.E. members, we can provide the answer to the above question.

“We take great pride in having excellent data to help chambers in the West, and CEO salary and benefits information is one area in which our Association truly excels,” W.A.C.E. President Dave Kilby said.

CEO salary and benefits information is gathered annually in a confidential survey; the 2020 data represents information from approximately 70% of our CEO members.

“According to the feedback we’ve received from our members, our data on CEO compensation packages is one of our most valuable member benefits,” Kilby said. “This information can be ‘priceless’ when it comes time for contract negotiations, performance reviews and when a chamber needs to hire a new chamber CEO.”

Available Upon Request

Instead of publishing and distributing a recap of all the salary information gathered, W.A.C.E. responds to requests with a customized memo for each chamber executive.

The memo, which is individualized for each request (based on total annual income and number of members), is usually emailed to W.A.C.E. members within five working days.

Members-Only Benefit

Usually, chamber volunteer leaders do not have access to the salary and benefit information.

Requests from chamber volunteer leaders for a customized salary and benefits memo are denied unless the chamber chief executive has knowledge of and approves the request.

The Association makes an exception to the above policy when assisting chamber CEO search committees in their efforts to have a competitive compensation package.

Staff salary and benefits information is gathered annually through a separate survey and is available with other annual surveys on the “member portal” on the Association’s website.

If you have questions or are one of the 35% that hasn’t responded to this year’s CEO salary survey, please contact Dave Kilby at (916) 930-1202 or