Member Testimonials on W.A.C.E. Programs

Chamber Leadership Podcast

“I cannot say enough about the W.A.C.E. podcasts. I’ve changed my opinion, my point of view, and even my job title because of the content. Don’t be like me and wait for 10 months before you actually make the time to listen. These little 5–10 minute nuggets of knowledge are well worth a mid-morning break. Listen now!”

Heidi McCutcheon, President/CEO, Shelton-Mason County (WA) Chamber

CEO Salary Survey

“I received the largest raise and bonus this year to date! My executive committee asked me to research salaries and benefits from other chambers our size and budget. Research was easy; I made one call to Dave Kilby and he sent over the W.A.C.E. CEO Salary Survey Memo. What an amazing membership benefit. With my crazy schedule, it’s nice to belong to an organization that offers all the tools we need for professional development.”

Nona Watson, IOM, CEO, Palm Springs (CA) Chamber

Resource Library

“With over 25 years of chamber experience, you’d think I would know it all, but I’m not even close! This is why I consistently use the W.A.C.E. Resource Library as a valuable tool to help me and our chamber find excellent examples of best practices that other chambers have already created.”

Steve Van Dorn, IOM, President/CEO, Pleasanton (CA) Chamber

Ad Wizard

“My team loves the new W.A.C.E. ‘The Chamber Is’ ad wizard due to the consistent and proficient appearance, which I believe depicts credibility and professionalism to our brand. We have been able to create a marketing campaign around this imagery since the content is readily available and gives us the ability to add our own local photography and imagery, which allows us to feature our member businesses and volunteers.”

Pam Ridler, President/CEO, Castle Rock (CO) Chamber

Chamber Performance Survey

“The Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce has utilized the W.A.C.E. Chamber Performance Survey on three different occasions to gather input from our 1,800 business members. The W.A.C.E. team makes the process seamless, and we are using the insightful survey results to inform our organization’s new strategic plan. We especially appreciate being able to compare our survey results to those of other chambers across the country.”

Gary Plummer, President/CEO, Wichita (KS) Regional Chamber

Webinar Series

“We have signed up for the W.A.C.E. webinar series for many years now and continue to find the variety of subjects covered and the quality of speakers to be excellent. These represent a great way for me to engage with my team in areas of chamber education, best practices and professional development.”

Paul Holden, President/CEO, Burnaby (BC) Board of Trade