Our Job is to Help You Succeed at Your Job

Dave Kilby

If you’ve joined W.A.C.E. over the last couple of years, you probably heard me say something like “our job is to help you succeed at your job” during our on-boarding call.

While the Association certainly excels at professional development training—like the recent annual conference at Disneyland—which is highlighted throughout this issue of Insider, we also receive high marks in at least three other areas:

• Resources;

• Connections; and

• Data.


We always say, “You should never have to re-invent the wheel and start from scratch.” We proudly point members to the Resource Library housed in the Member Portal section of the Association’s website.

Of course to access the Member Portal, you will need to know your member login information: username and password.

Once you’re logged in, you will find more than 800 documents in the Resource Library, including everything from job descriptions, infographics and member letters, to best practice examples in just about every program area.


Members have always said that one of the biggest benefits is connecting with their peers. This is driven home with face-to-face connections whenever someone attends an event like the annual conference, a boot camp or Academy.

In addition, connections are available 24/7/365 with the Association’s membership directory. The directory, which is also housed on the Member Portal page, is updated at the beginning of every month and has all of the contact information you will need to reach out to other members.


We’ve worked hard to gather important data that chambers can use. Our data is both “wide” (covering a large number of topics) and “deep” (fairly detailed).

The Association’s annual surveys, periodic opinion polls and our CEO salary survey—which is included in this issue—all have a huge following among the Association’s members. With an average response rate of more than 50%, our data has both validity and great value.

Phone a Friend

In addition to resources, connections and data, the W.A.C.E. team has the knowledge and experience that has resulted in a reputation to be a dependable “help line” for chamber professionals everywhere.

Russell Lahodny, Jennifer Johnson and I are all graduates of the U.S. Chamber’s Institute program, and the team also has more than 22 years of front-line “real life” local chamber management expertise from which to draw.

Make no mistake about it, chamber work is NOT easy, but you don’t have to “go it alone.”

I’ve always believed that asking for help is a strength, not a weakness…and remember…our job IS to help you succeed at your job!

Dave Kilby is the president and CEO of W.A.C.E. and executive vice president of corporate affairs at the California Chamber.