Chamber Executives Share Experiences with W.A.C.E. Programs

“The W.A.C.E. Political Action Boot Camp is a must for executives, staff and volunteers who are looking to make sure their chambers are ‘in the game’ politically. It’s a great event for learning tips of the trade from chambers that are getting their candidates elected, their ballot measures passed, and acting as a strong voice for business. Chambers of any size should participate in the political process and the Political Action Boot Camp gives you the information you need to get your organization up to speed.”

Nathan Ahle, IOM, President/CEO, Fresno (CA) Chamber

“I went to log into the W.A.C.E. online portal, as I regularly do, to access the resource library and was pleasantly surprised by the new website. Keeping current with an online presence is essential today. The site is bold, easy to navigate and the message very clear. This is motivation for me to upgrade our site and keep our digital presence fresh.”

Joanne Webster, President/CEO, San Rafael (CA) Chamber

“Dave Kilby and crew nailed it once again. Twice each month I look forward to the W.A.C.E. Leadership Podcast hitting my inbox. It provides a quick 15-minute leadership, management, and organizational spark that stimulates ideas in some cases, reinforces direction other times, and always gives me a few valuable minutes to reflect on my chamber. The topics are relevant, timely and tie directly to issues we grapple with in the chamber world each day. Great job on this new, well-done, high-quality product.”

John Brewer, President/CEO, Billings (MT) Chamber

“The Business Retention and Expansion Boot Camp was well worth my time and travel. My chamber already provides some BRE-related services, but I picked up ideas that will help us make the effort in Lake Havasu City better and help me label those efforts as what they are—economic development. My favorite part of the day was the information on data collection, and some tips to better collaborate with other economic development organizations in the Havasu community.”

Lisa Krueger, ACE, IOM, President/CEO, Lake Havasu Area (AZ) Chamber

“The Emerging Leaders Council is ideal for young, up-and-coming chamber professionals. It encourages collaboration and networking, as well as provides opportunities for mentorship with industry experts. The W.A.C.E. Board of Directors looks to this group for input on conference programming and content, with a strong focus on relevance and value. The relationships I’ve developed as a result of my participation have proven invaluable and have bolstered my career in the chamber industry.”

Jessica Welch, IOM, Vice President of Operations, Greater Irvine (CA) Chamber

“Why do I use W.A.C.E. data? It helps me make better decisions. Utilizing it exhibits due diligence with my board, staff, and/or volunteers. The data enables me to see through other lenses and gain clarity. Having industry-based data helps remove the emotions of decision making. Oftentimes the data provides insight as to what areas may need a deeper dive. Bottom line, utilizing W.A.C.E. data helps me be a better leader and steward for our organization.”

Kelly Hall, CCE, IOM, President/CEO, Longview (TX) Chamber