Chambers share experiences with W.A.C.E. programs

Annual Conference: “As a young CEO, the W.A.C.E. conference provided me with the tools needed to take our chamber to the next level. The keynote speakers inspired me to think how our chamber can do more, how we can be a leader on community-wide issues. It also encouraged me to ask why this role is critical for our chamber to take on? To ensure the success of our community.”

Whitney Diver McEvoy, President/CEO, Yountville (CA) Chamber

Resource Library: “The W.A.C.E. Resource Library brings a whole new meaning to ‘not reinventing the wheel.’ I consistently use it when I am reviewing documents and policies in my own organization, from employee job descriptions to sample bylaws, etc. Thanks to so many of you for sending in your samples and helping your fellow chamber execs.”

Derek Kirk, President/CEO, Atascadero (CA) Chamber

Academy: “I began the Academy program in the summer of 2015 as the director of business advocacy at the Eugene Area Chamber. Our former CEO, Dave Hauser, encouraged me to attend because ‘it was the best way to learn everything I needed to know about running a chamber…’ The material is relevant and the network of industry experts is invaluable. I strongly encourage you to invest in yourself and your staff and participate in the next Academy.”

Brittany Quick-Warner, President/CEO, Eugene Area (OR) Chamber

Webinar Series: “The W.A.C.E. Webinar Series provides a major return on our chamber investment with W.A.C.E. The selected topics reflect the needs of W.A.C.E. members and the presenters are always top shelf. We use the webinars as both individual training, as well as classroom opportunities for group discussion. This professional education is one of the reasons we joined W.A.C.E. and these webinars will continue to improve our operations.”

Eddie McBride, President/CEO, Lubbock (TX) Chamber

CEO Salary Survey: “The CEO Salary and Benefits memo is an excellent resource when negotiating your compensation package. I recently requested this information from Dave Kilby, and within a couple of days I had a customized memo highlighting salary survey results for executives at chambers of similar size. I’m so appreciative of the data and the quick turnaround time; it’s priceless!”

Lori Mattson, IOM, President/CEO, Tri-City Regional (WA) Chamber

Chamber Performance Survey: “The Grand Junction Area Chamber uses the Chamber Performance results to kick off our annual planning session with our board. The benchmarking to other chamber results really helps us focus in on our strengths and where we need to improve. This is the kind of data my board members use in comparing their businesses to the competition so it is something they relate to well and always appreciate having.”

Diane Schwenke, President/CEO, Grand Junction Area (CO) Chamber