2023 Successes: Programs to Nurture Talent, Celebrate Victories, Fight Retail Crime

Looking back on 2023, what was your chamber’s biggest success/accomplishment?

Jim JohnsonJim Johnson, CCE, IOM
Pearland (TX) Chamber

Our biggest accomplishment was being recognized by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) as Chamber of the Year!

Chambers too often don’t do a good job of telling our story. The application process and the interview allowed our entire team to reflect on our programs, successes and messaging. This internal review translated directly externally in our communications. We are now encouraged to tell the community our wins and tie it back to our mission and purpose. This is reflected in new member growth and increased sponsorships throughout the year.

We also really dug into workforce issues and launched WorkinPearland.com. This comprehensive job board and employer resource center has posted more than 600 jobs, engaged 65-plus businesses, and interacted with 2,500 unique residents. This is all done via a 24/7 virtual metaverse environment that allows for unique interactions.

Our goal is to decrease the number of residents who commute daily while showcasing careers within our own community, and we are seeing residents get hired with local companies! The branding is now carrying over to all our workforce initiatives, including training and revamped in-person job fairs.

Krystal CrockettKrystal Crockett, IOM
Bixby Metro (OK) Chamber

The Bixby Metro Chamber’s biggest accomplishment in 2023 was recognizing the rapid changes in our community and moving toward them rather than sticking to what “we’ve always done.”

While this may not seem like a huge accomplishment for a chamber, our industry often fights the same battles repeatedly — the sacred cows, the loud voices that want us to do what serves them rather than our membership overall, and the dread of changing a “successful” program to meet the needs of business with the risk of monetary loss.

We set up and began executing a strategic plan that offers bold support for spreading the good news of our community to drown out the social media naysayers, began work on a comprehensive economic development plan that supports business and not just the most recent developer, and are being louder in our support of our public schools in a way that is not catering to the desires of our elected officials.

We continue to offer support to our businesses and we love to have a good amount of fun. However, if the chamber doesn’t recognize the outside risks to our members and step in front of them before they do damage — who will?

Rana GhadbanRana Ghadban
Roseville Area (CA) Chamber

In the remarkable culmination of 2023, the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated the successful launch of the U.S. Chamber’s Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) Initiative within the health care sector in the Greater Sacramento Region.

By convening industry leaders from Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, UC Davis, Dignity Health, and Raley’s, our chamber demonstrated an unwavering commitment to bridging the talent gap within our region.

Leveraging the TPM framework, we were able to identify critical jobs, conduct job demand projections, and engage in the implementation of solutions with our local talent providers. This strategic alliance led by our chamber not only addresses critical workforce needs, but also exemplifies the power of collaboration in fostering sustainable solutions for the region’s economic vitality.

bridget dixsonBridget Dixson, IOM
Santa Fe (NM) Chamber

In 2023, the standout achievement of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce was the creation of the New Mexico Organized Retail Crime Association (NMORCA). This collaboration with retail members and law enforcement proved pivotal in combating organized retail crime (ORC).

NMORCA’s digital platform facilitates real-time information exchange, enhancing efforts to prevent and prosecute ORC in New Mexico. Addressing the dual threats of financial and physical harm posed by ORC, NMORCA not only safeguards businesses but also the broader community.

The economic ramifications, including threats to competitiveness and job opportunities, highlight the urgency of joining NMORCA — a free, straightforward process that allows individuals and businesses to actively contribute to a safer New Mexico.