2024: Year to Continue Building Resilience, Drive Success, Growth for Business Members

As 2023 comes to a close, what is your outlook for your chamber in 2024?

Lynnette Buffington
Greater Grays Harbor (WA), Inc.

Relevance is an ubiquitous term in chambers of commerce, yet it stands as the utmost priority, particularly for our chamber. Establishing and maintaining relevance goes beyond organizational operations; it involves proactively educating our members and the community about our pivotal role.

In 2023, our initiatives delivered nearly $300,000 in substantial business services, secured funding for workforce assessments and training, and delved into core issues impacting our business community.

Looking to 2024, our goal is to witness the payoff of our hard work with improved community resilience. We aim to strengthen credibility by actively engaging in challenging areas, solidifying our position as an essential force driving meaningful progress in the business community.

April Bragg
Robins (GA) Regional Chamber

2024 marks the 75th anniversary of the Robins Regional Chamber. While much has changed since 1949, our charge of “taking care of business” is still the priority.

Our chamber is the trusted resource for promoting and safeguarding our business community and our region’s reputation as the ideal place to live, work, play, worship, raise a family, and do business. We continue to experience consistent growth in our membership and active involvement.

Most recently, our leadership program sold out in just four days, and our annual meeting reached maximum capacity three weeks prior to the event. We are excited for all that 2024 has in store as we continue work on strategic priorities and welcome new missions to Robins AFB.

Vonnie Mikkelsen
Springfield Area (OR) Chamber

While undeniably optimistic about the year ahead, like our members, we’re forecasting and managing several real and potential economic headwinds.

Top of that list are the escalating costs of doing business and competition for quality talent. That said, we’re wrapping up one of the strongest years on record for membership and revenue, well ahead of five-year and pre-pandemic metrics.

This last year’s success gives us room to breathe, inspiring confidence in bigger picture questions like where we should be in three to five years and where and how to invest our resources along the way.

We recently revealed a new brand identity, a year-long effort and a reflection on our chamber’s impact, value, attributes and aspirations. Timely, as we will celebrate 75 years in business next year.

The milestone is a chance to speak to our legacy, impact and vision; further reinforcing the value and growing the chamber.

Bobby Spiegel, ACE
Corona (CA) Chamber

The Corona Chamber will forge ahead with our keystone initiatives, offering our members specialized support and programs. This is especially critical with an uncertain economy, global unrest, and skill shortages.

Our members are predominately small businesses that are navigating an avalanche of hostile state and federal legislation. I take our commitment of advocating on their behalf extremely seriously!

We will continue to lobby Sacramento and Washington D.C. to ensure that our members are able to thrive and continue to drive economic growth in the greater Corona region.

Mark Stanton
Scottsdale Area (AZ) Chamber

2024 is shaping up to be a strong year for the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce. Membership numbers look good, event margins are strong, and our team is motivated and having fun!

We always watch the national economic indicators, but Arizona’s economy is showing resilience and growth. Most importantly, our chamber is generating positive ROI for our members and survey results reflect good satisfaction rates. Our main focus as we step into 2024 is to enhance engagement on social media platforms.