Setting Personal Priorities, Taking Time for Self, Music Among Keys to Balancing Work and Life

How do you prioritize work-life balance, and what advice do you have for chamber professionals who are struggling to find balance?

Robert Goltz
Executive Vice President
Key West (FL) Chamber

The key for me is creating and knowing my own personal priorities. What is important and what isn’t: building relationships, supporting family, and having purpose are the major priorities in my life. So that is my focus and allows me to schedule my time accordingly.

Over the years, I have been able to cut down on those things that don’t meet these priorities like watching television, window shopping and creating patterns of controlling my environment, taking phone calls and scheduling tasks.

Focusing on conversations and spending quality over quantity of time with family, friends and work is key that brings me focus of a work-life balance.

Guy Occhiogrosso
Bellingham (WA) Regional Chamber

As an industry, we probably have a bad track record of what many would consider “work-life balance.” We are often asked to work evenings during the week to attend public meetings, after hours for member programming, and for those who still produce community events, working on weekends and holidays is a mandate.

Balance is the wrong word. Perhaps equity makes more sense. Some weeks I work more, and other weeks I will intentionally work less. Some key points for me are:

  • Prioritize your team;
  • Do not over-schedule yourself (still working on this myself);
  • Say no sometimes;
  • Find a non-chamber/business hobby or set of friends;
  • Envision your chamber without you, and build to that sustainability; and
  • Forgive yourself and accept that grace when you screw up any of the goals.

Judy Lloyd
Danville Area (CA) Chamber

  • Know your limitations.
  • Put together programming that fits both you and your community, focusing on the three or four things your community needs.
  • Set boundaries, unplug, and take time to smell the roses.
  • For me, I like to enjoy a good country show and schedule chamber events so they don’t interfere with what I need to thrive as a CEO. I just saw Kelsea Ballerini and Luke Bryan. Next up: Midland, Chris Isaak, Cam, Dierks Bentley and Jordan Davis.
  • I love wine tasting and belong to several wine clubs.
  • I love visiting my son and his fiancé in Texas.
  • When I’m really under stress, I sing.

Find what’s right for you — and take the time to do it!

Kami Welch, ACE
Arvada (CO) Chamber

I have always struggled with the term “balance.” The reality is that life is a juggle and we must protect the ball that is most fragile. Sometimes that is work; sometimes it is family. I have found that recognizing that prioritization carries more power than balance is a gift.

Building in a disciplined approach to identifying each day’s most important tasks has helped me end the day feeling that I have made progress. I also use every day of vacation I have … time away is good for the heart and mind!