Hawaii Chamber Starts Business Relief Fund

The country has been captivated by the devastating wildfires in Hawaii. The hardest hit island, Maui, has lost a beloved and historic district, Lahaina. The loss of life, livelihoods and property is simply staggering.

Unfortunately, many of the regions represented by W.A.C.E. members know the impacts of wildfires on their own communities.

As chamber executives, our bias is to jump into the breach and find solutions. As believers in the free market, we’re concerned about the ability of local small businesses and their ability to bounce back. Many of you have reached out to your chamber colleagues in Hawaii and to us to ask how you can assist.

The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, the state chamber and a W.A.C.E. member, has started the Hawaii Business Relief Fund. They’ll be using the funds to support the businesses impacted by the wildfires on all the islands.

To make a donation to the fund, please click the link. gofund.me/794729c0