What Chambers Are Doing Around the West

Santa Barbara Chamber Launches TechTopia

The Santa Barbara South Coast (CA) Chamber recently launched TechTopia to promote opportunities and support challenges in the robust technology and manufacturing industry on the South Coast.

What began as the chamber’s annual science, technology and business summit, featuring guided tours of the local tech industry, has evolved into a moniker for the bustling hub of tech companies ranging from startups to industry leaders, all utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative methods to develop world-changing products and tech.

The chamber is leading the charge in convening technology and manufacturing business representatives through roundtables and other events to discuss challenges and opportunities for the local industry to identify implementable solutions.

Check out sbscchamber.com/techtopia/ for more information and to see their recently released video about the project.

Medford & Jackson County Chamber Offers Know Your Role Campaign

The Chamber of Medford & Jackson County (OR) recognized that the involvement of sports officials and participants in youth athletics has declined at a staggering rate, significantly limiting the number of events offered, due to hostile environments and conflict with referees.

In partnership with the Southern Oregon Sports Commission, the chamber created a Know Your Role marketing campaign. The campaign addresses the epidemic of poor behavior toward sports officials and aims to change the culture around athletics through positive messaging and continued reminders that participant safety, enjoyment, growth and development should be the priority.

The campaign offers a branding kit, videos, graphics, press releases, and a measurement kit for easy implementation. The campaign was implemented successfully on the local level and the Game Plan toolkit was developed as an instruction manual to implement the campaign nationwide with a cohesive message.

The success of the campaign caught the attention of USA Softball, which has adopted the campaign, achieving national syndication for the program.

Learn more and check out all the program has to offer at www.travelmedford.org/know-your-role.

Bakersfield Chamber Creates Multiple Employer 401K Plan

Faced with legislation requiring all California employers with five or more employees to provide retirement savings, the Greater Bakersfield (CA) Chamber partnered with a local investment firm to create the Greater Bakersfield 401K Plan, a multiple employer plan (MEP).

The goal of the project was to assist members in awareness and compliance while also guaranteeing membership and strengthening retention because only current chamber members may participate. This provides a private sector solution for the community, allowing businesses more control and flexibility for their retirement savings.

The process to adopt the plan is easy and seamless. Through their partnership with Moneywise Wealth Management, participants are provided with professional training and guidance throughout the process.

Check out more details at mep.bakochamber.com.

Great Falls Chamber Holds Career Exploration Event

The Great Falls Area (MT) Chamber, inspired by the West Alabama Chamber, joined with educational partners and industry leaders to create their own World of Work (WoW) event for 8th and 10th graders.

This program takes a typical career fair and turns it into a highly interactive, hands-on, experiential event to get kids excited about potential career paths right in their own community. The event has four zones with four worlds in each zone exposing kids to 16 career pathways that match Montana’s Career Path template.

The first event involved four counties, 20 schools, 60 exhibitors, 180 volunteers and almost 2,100 students. Every exhibitor committed to coming back the next year and the program received accolades with interest from various government agencies to participate in the future.

Want to know more? Visit worldsofworkgf.org.

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