W.A.C.E. Awards: Don’t Wait! Apply Today!

“There’s a great feeling of satisfaction in winning an award for a job well done.” — Walt Disney

Dave Kilby

EVERY year W.A.C.E. rolls out its award applications in September. The deadline to submit entries is always in early-to-mid-November. The recipients are announced at the association’s conference in February.

The sad part is that many among our membership for some reason don’t make/take time for themselves and complete their entries in time, and, sadly, they miss the deadline.

Chamber CEOs are so “busy” or “slammed” or wrapped up in “all things chamber” that they forget to do the right thing — apply for an often much-deserved award.

Many of you have heard me harp on this for years. Being last minute is NOT good. Stuff can and does happen and can blow your best laid plans out of the water.

So…don’t wait. Apply TODAY!

The awards are numerous and include:

• Executive of the Year;

• The Pettit Award;

• Hathaway Staff Person of the Year;

• Outstanding Program Awards;

• Video Awards;

• Website Awards;

• Newsletter AND Magazine Awards;

• E-Newsletter Awards;

• Emerging Leaders Council;

• Accredited Chamber Executive (ACE);

• Service Awards.


Thanks to the W.A.C.E. Foundation, the Steve Rose Memorial Scholarship and a number of scholarships to assist with conference registration also will be available.

But sadly, almost every year, several people have no chance to be considered for a scholarship because they fail to get their application and the required letters of recommendation turned in on time.

All the award and scholarship applications are available on the W.A.C.E. website at www.waceonline.com.

I strongly suggest that you follow the advice of Benjamin Franklin: “Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.”

Dave Kilby is president and CEO of W.A.C.E. and executive vice president of corporate affairs at the California Chamber.