Webinar Series Topics & Dates Announced

Kami Welch, ACE

The association’s popular webinar series is once again on tap this year during the months of September–December.

“The role of chambers has changed dramatically in recent years,” said Kami Welch, ACE, president/CEO of the Arvada (CO) Chamber, and the W.A.C.E. vice chair of the board who is coordinating this year’s webinar series. “The 2022 webinar series will give attendees the opportunity to level up their strategies and resources to create greater impact in their communities.”

The plan is for the webinars to be the first Wednesday of the month and last for 1 hour beginning at 10 a.m. (Pacific). Below are the dates, topics and brief descriptions for the 2022 series:

• September 7 – Your Message Matters: As your chamber evolves to serve your business community as a catalyst, convener and champion, your words matter. In this session you will dig deep into the types of messages, information and data that will excite and engage your members.

• October 5 – Setting Healthy Boundaries and Managing Stress: As a membership organization, it can be challenging to balance member needs and your personal and organizational capacity. In this session, you will learn practical tips to help you find a better balance.

• November 2 – Change is Hard: Chambers have the opportunity to lead by example in deploying a results-oriented approach to change within your organization and community. In this session, you’ll build your change leadership competence and learn frameworks for navigating internal and external change.

• December 7 – Innovative Ideas to Consider: One of the many perks of the chamber industry is we can practice R&D (rip off and duplicate) to ensure we are providing innovative programming and resources in our communities. This webinar will expose you to a number of game-changing programs and resources that are worth copying!

A Best Practice

Over the years, many chambers have shared that they get together with their neighboring chambers and listen to the webinars together in person and then discuss and do a de-brief as a group.

Last year more than one chamber indicated that they had over 10 people in attendance from multiple chambers. Sounds like something to consider.

As of this writing, presenters for the webinar series are still being selected.

Save the above dates. Registration information will be available in July.