Ad Wizard Can Provide Helpful Boost to Chamber of Commerce Messaging

Three years ago, W.A.C.E. launched its marketing tool — the “Ad Wizard” — consisting of 10 “The Chamber Is…” messages to help chambers tell their story.

The immediate response was very positive, but then 10 months later, in March 2020, the world changed with COVID.

To respond to the changing times, the wording of three of the ads was revised with more pointed messages to fit the resilient, leadership role that most chambers were playing on a daily basis.

Good Messaging

So now here we are in May 2022…approximately 44% of W.A.C.E. members have signed up for the “Ad Wizard” and frankly, from where I sit, those chambers are the ones that appear to have fared better over the last two years, than those who haven’t embraced the messaging campaign.

Is there a correlation between good messaging and running a successful chamber?

My answer hasn’t changed and has always been YES — even decades ago when I was fresh out of journalism school at Fresno State, it was true that communicating value and being in control of your chamber’s message were keys to success.

Showcase Your Chamber

So…if you haven’t done so lately, I encourage you to take a look at the “Ad Wizard.” It may just be the branding and marketing boost that your chamber needs.

Admittedly, all the ads may not fit your chamber, but several might just be what your chamber’s been looking for to tell its story better and showcase what it wants to be known for.

Is your chamber Courage, Commitment, Community, Culture, Collaboration, Change, Credibility, Connection, Current or Counsel? If so, we have an ad for you.

The timing’s right and the “Ad Wizard” may a tool to help your chamber get the job done.

Access The Ad Wizard
To access The Ad Wizard, visit Chambers that have created ads are encouraged to send them to W.A.C.E. or use #TheChamberIs when posting them on social media.

Dave Kilby is president and CEO of W.A.C.E. and executive vice president of corporate affairs at the California Chamber.