Chambers Look Forward to Continued Influence, Showing Why They’re Essential to Businesses

What is your outlook for 2022? Will it be the best of times, the worst of times, or maybe BOTH as Charles Dickens said in “Tale of Two Cities”?

Brittany Quick-Warner
Eugene Area (OR) Chamber

I think 2022 is going to be the definition of — it is what you make of it. I think if we are able to stay focused on the goals we have for our community, we can figure out a way to make those happen regardless of the pandemic or economic conditions, really. Trying to recognize that we have to lean into the things we can control and stay flexible for the things we can’t.

Colin Diaz, IOM
Culver City (CA) Chamber

I think that answer will largely be tied to the work the chamber has done in the past 12+ months and the state they are in. Having said that, we are expecting the best of times.

We have arguably the largest audience and influence in our chamber’s history as a result of the work and leadership we’ve shown in Culver City and the region during the pandemic.

Combining that with our board retreat and strategic planning to moving our work from relevant to essential, we are poised to move the needle on some of the most pressing issues in our city in a collaborative way that has never been experienced by residents or businesses alike.

Josh Driskell, IOM
Jenks (OK) Chamber

2022 will have its challenges. But as we saw in 2020 and this year, chambers of commerce can overcome those challenges and thrive if they’re willing to do the work and to try new approaches.

The most important work we do isn’t necessarily cramming people in a room. Where we really shine is when the chips are down and we need to help businesses and our communities solve problems: workforce, legislative issues, explaining how PPP, etc. works.

I remain optimistic that, despite the challenges 2022 will offer, chambers can and will overcome.

Tom Pierson, ACE
Tacoma-Pierce County (WA) Chamber

I think the first quarter is going to be a challenge…inflation, supply shortages, COVID variants and mandates by government.

As we move further into 2022, I believe that the chamber has an opportunity to own small business. Those who did work for small businesses during the pandemic should be ready to move forward with owning this lane, accelerators, incubations, trainings, etc.

Casey Steinbacher
Finding Next, LLC

Best of times…because even if we have health and economic issues (which is highly likely), chambers will continue to cement their essential status.