Member Testimonials on W.A.C.E. Programs

Chamber Performance Survey “The Chamber Performance Survey has been a transformational tool for our chamber’s development. What we get from the survey is our ‘report card’ that speaks to the effectiveness of our communications, our services and programs, and how we are delivering on our organization’s mission. I know the transformation of our chamber from a 3P to a 3C organization is rooted in our use of the survey. I highly recommend it, especially for smaller chambers. It gets us down to the cold hard facts of our relevancy, so we can continue to improve, year after year.”

Erica Crawford, Morro Bay (CA) Chamber

Webinar Series “W.A.C.E.’s Webinar Series is essential professional development for all levels of staff. The vetted lineup provides peer-led training that is thought-provoking, but also available for immediate implementation. Personally, I have left many of the presentations in a better position to lead my organization and be a catalyst in my community.”

Jim Johnson, Pearland (TX) Chamber

Academy “W.A.C.E.’s Academy program provided me with a thorough and comprehensive foundation around important topics like communications, budgeting and working with a board of directors. This information is valuable for staff to know and understand as well. Currently, two members of our team are attending Academy, having just completed their first year. They enjoyed the opportunity to delve deeper into the chamber industry, brought back fresh ideas and made some great new professional connections as well!”

Deanna Palm, ACE, Washington County (OR) Chamber

Chamber Leadership Podcast “Want to grow with your team? Listen to the Chamber Leadership Podcast together and learn from others in our industry about challenges, successes and what’s on the horizon for chambers. We at the Vail Valley Partnership listen as a team and love the relevant topics and Dave’s interview style. The Chamber Leadership Podcast helped inspire us to start our own podcast that our members are finding great value in.”

Erik Williams, Vail Valley (CO) Partnership

CEO Salary Survey “The Prescott Chamber Board of Directors found the W.A.C.E. CEO salary survey to be very beneficial when doing my review. When I made the request for salary info, we quickly received timely information based on the facts of the current market. This is another great benefit of being a member of W.A.C.E.”

Sheri Heiney, Prescott (AZ) Chamber

Resource Library “A never-finished ‘to-do list’ means we must work smarter, not harder. My secret weapon? The W.A.C.E. Resource Library with over 700 documents and new material added this year. Working smarter means not recreating the wheel. A quick search allows me to build on the success of colleagues using resources from around the West. I appreciate seeing how others have tackled the same issue in their community. If you haven’t searched the resource library or peeked recently, you should. My secret weapon shouldn’t be a secret to W.A.C.E. members.”

Gail Zurek, ACE, Visalia (CA) Chamber