What Chambers Are Doing Around the West

Glendale Chamber Champions Equality

This spring the Glendale (AZ) Chamber formed a task force to champion the adoption of equality to include an LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance in the City of Glendale that would prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

The task force was responsible for convening business leaders, community leaders and other stakeholders to educate and build support for a citywide ordinance. The ordinance was passed with a successful 7-0 vote, making Glendale the ninth city in Arizona to adopt an LGBTQ nondiscrimination ordinance.

The Diversity Taskforce will now turn its focus to developing information, resources, tools, etc. to help their community better understand equity vs. equality and racism.

Visit their website at www.glendaleazchamber.org for more information.

Summer Swag Showcase Highlights Billings Chamber Members

The Billings (MT) Chamber is holding a Summer Swag Showcase on Facebook every Monday from June 21 to August 30 as a fun way to promote their members throughout their community. Members provide the chamber with their company’s promotional products which chamber staff then wear or use while out in the community and document in photos. Each Monday they post the photos from the week on their chamber Facebook page in a special showcase post.

You can view and follow the Summer Swag Showcase at www.facebook.com/BillingsChamberofCommerceCVB.

A Chamber for All Businesses

The mission of the Eugene Area (OR) Chamber of Commerce is to serve as a catalytic leader in creating a vibrant and diverse economy that drives economic opportunity and well-being. During the past year, their community was devastated by several crises at once. With members of the community looking to the chamber as a resource during difficult times, the chamber has opened its doors, removed the paywall, and given access to all regardless of membership status.

In July they launched a free Basic membership level: “giving access to all is testament to our organization living up to its mission and truly working to strengthen the region we all call home.”

Using the business model that software or other service companies use, this membership level offers a low-barrier option to join, which will help more businesses become acquainted with and feel welcome joining the chamber while helping the chamber grow its voice.

The basic level of membership offers the following benefits: business advocacy and representation, ability to contribute to a positive business narrative, access to chamber updates (weekly newsletter, advocacy updates, economic policy updates), and a basic directory listing.

To learn more about this new membership, visit www.eugenechamber.com/a-chamber-for-all.html.

Tempe Hosts Job Monsoon

To address the workforce needs in their community, the Tempe (AZ) Chamber joined with local organizations to hold a Tempe Job Monsoon. The event had the goal of “bringing together job seekers and businesses to ‘make it rain’ for everyone. Job seekers can get a dependable paycheck and businesses can make more money when they are fully staffed.”

The monsoon took place on two Wednesdays in July with every employer able to participate from their own business. Instead of a traditional job fair where employers are all in one location, this event had businesses across Tempe put out green balloons and Job Monsoon signs showing they were hiring. Job seekers could then walk into any of those businesses, fill out a resumé, likely get an interview — and maybe a job — on the spot. When the positions were filled, the sign and balloons came down.

The Tempe Chamber also posted a list of businesses so that seekers could find out who was participating in advance. The timing of the event was planned to coincide with the expected decrease in unemployment compensation, the return of Arizona State University students to the community for the start of school, and the start of state childcare assistance.

You can view the Job Monsoon webpage here for more details.

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