Recognition, Autonomy, Time Off, Fun at Work Help Keep Chamber Staffs Motivated, Satisfied

What are one or two things that you do at your chamber to keep your staff motivated and energized?

Chris Romer, ACE, IOM
Vail Valley (CO) Partnership

Our strategic plan aims for Vail Valley Partnership to be an employer of choice. We offer a Results Oriented Work Environment (ROWE). This is a culture initiative designed to improve employee productivity, accountability and engagement.

We empower people to work in whatever way they are most productive. Core hours or schedules are not dictated, and every person is 100% autonomous and is expected to make the right decisions about how, when and where they work to achieve results.

We offer unlimited paid time off and a one-month sabbatical program for every seven years of employment among other employee-focused efforts.

Stephanie Vervaart
Burlington (WA) Chamber

The biggest part of keeping staff motivated and energized here at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce is our culture. I really enjoy finding my team’s unique talents and empowering them to use those skills and grow them.

Empowerment, rather than micromanagement, is very important to our success. The key is to give each team member space to explore, try new things, and own their projects while providing support when they need it.

Allowing my team the space to adapt, change and innovate is very important to our culture and brings an immense amount of energy and motivation to do what we do.

Ken Brengle, CCE, IOM
Executive Director
Mammoth Lakes (CA) Chamber

I would say we try and do a couple of things, besides have fun, that lets the staff know we appreciate their efforts.

One would be the “gift of time!” If they have spent the week working hard on a project, event or activity, I walk into their office on Friday at noon and tell them to take the rest of the day off with pay.

The second thing is recognition, recognition, recognition. I always make sure the board and membership knows the great work our employees do for our organization.

Jennifer Wesselhoff
Park City (UT) Chamber

There are several things that I continually reinforce to keep our team energized.

• Professional development is super important but it’s pretty much impossible without encouraging personal development! Getting to know my team’s interests and passions outside of work helps me understand their goals and desires. This leads to further training, providing both personal and professional satisfaction.

• I work hard to recognize, reward and celebrate the team for their hard work! A small gesture of gratitude goes a long way.

• Teamwork and collaboration are essential to achieving success. I try to create a work style that empowers team members to work together, whether it be collaborating on a solution to a problem, or asking a colleague for advice.

• Have FUN! Having fun and creating a happy work environment is critical to keeping the team motivated and energized.

Debi Mollahan
Tigard (OR) Chamber

There are several things I work to do routinely to keep my team motivated and energized.

• Each staff member has a dedicated 1:1 meeting with me weekly where we discuss their piece of the business.

• Staff attends board meetings and reports out on their piece of the business and take questions from the board. They sit through the entire meeting unless there is something super sensitive to be discussed.

• I engage them in strategic discussions with regard to the broader business, including strategic planning, program creation, problem solving and more.

As things of a strategic nature come up, or shift and change, I am as transparent as possible with them about the challenges or opportunities we face, engaging their thoughts and ideas in solutions or directions.

I find that a staff person who understands where they fit in the big picture and also has a say in the bigger picture of the business feels trusted and engaged.