Setting Priorities, Making Time for Families, Self, Enjoying Simple Pleasures Helps Maintain Balance

How are you managing a work/life balance and staying sane during these challenging times?

Sheri Heiney
Prescott (AZ) Chamber

For me, managing this time starts with strong faith, knowing that this time will pass, and we will be OK.

When we pivoted to working from home, I did not know how to balance work and life. In the beginning, it all ran together. So I dusted off my time management skills, put together my priority list, and blended the two to regain my sanity.

I realized that everyone was in the same storm but a different boat. People were experiencing different challenges, so I have focused on patience, kindness and understanding.

Joshua Duder
Executive Director
Chehalem Valley (OR) Chamber

This year certainly has been a challenging one for all of us. In 2020, I’ve had the pleasure of being promoted to executive director and charged with leading our chamber through a culture change. With so much to do, but a working wife and three children who are online at all times of the day with schoolwork, I absolutely must carve out time for family.

To do this, I’ve decided that work just doesn’t come home with me. While I’m at the office, I operate at full throttle, but once I get home each night, I turn off notifications and emails to focus on what’s most important.

T.J. Sullivan
Executive Director
Superior (CO) Chamber

There is no such thing as work/life balance. There are only priorities, and your priorities should be based on your values. If you’re struggling with work/life balance, it’s probably because you aren’t setting your priorities in line with the things you value most (or feel you should).

Take time to clarify those things in your life that you most value, then set your priorities accordingly. Working backwards will make you feel confident in the choices you make daily regarding where you spend your time and emotional bank account.

Monica Holdaway
Executive Director
Box Elder (UT) Chamber

I love chamber work, which definitely helps me stay sane during these challenging times. I think many of us would throw in the towel if we didn’t believe in what we do.

My family is my rock. Without them nothing else matters and I am lucky enough to have a spouse and children who support me at work.

Balance is truly important. After 19 years in the industry, I have learned that daily tasks will be there tomorrow and that it is OK to not work 24 hours a day. We are better chamber employees when we make time for ourselves and our families.

Angie Waiss
Executive Director
Skamania County (WA) Chamber

There are several things that have helped me stay sane in this challenging time:

• Going for a walk and getting some fresh air calms me down and helps me put things in perspective.

• Taking time to enjoy simple pleasures like a cup of coffee in bed before a hectic day.

• Once in a while, allowing myself to take a night off from cooking dinner and enjoying some wine and cheese instead!

• Car dates with my husband. I do not recommend trying to eat Chinese take-out in the car though!

• Staying connected to family.

Take care of your mental health everyone!