After Turbulent Year, Chambers Look Forward to Staying Connected, Positive, Resilient in 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, what is your outlook for your chamber in 2021?

Whitney Diver McEvoy
Yountville (CA) Chamber

The future of the Yountville Chamber of Commerce is bright! We firmly believe that chambers of commerce are more essential now than ever before. We have experienced this first-hand, as many of you have throughout 2020.

We plan to build on our “in the weeds” problem-solving strategy for our members—advocating for economic recovery and resiliency policies that ease regulations, allowing our members to thrive. We will continue to be a trusted resource of information and a leader of positivity in our community.

Tony Moline, IOM, PCED
Cedar Park (TX) Chamber

As 2020 comes to a close, I reflect on the goals we had and the outlook for 2021. COVID-19 surprised all of us. I don’t think anybody in the chamber industry was fully prepared for a global pandemic. Many of us have been through different kinds of natural disasters, and even financial ones, but the depth of what a global pandemic can do was unlike anything I had ever seen.

Our outlook remains positive. I believe chambers of commerce are the partners to the business community. We are their indispensable resource. A chamber of commerce is positioned to be the hub for information from your local and state officials to your small and medium-sized businesses. We have connections to the school districts and manufacturers. The outlook must be positive for us if our communities are going to survive.

Be safe and kind to one another!

Kim Latrielle
Missoula Area (MT) Chamber

The Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce has seen big changes in 2020. The onset of COVID-19 canceled events starting in April. The loss of events accelerated changes that were already underway in how we serve our members.

As the Missoula Chamber moves into 2021, we will continue to focus on our workforce initiatives while stepping up our advocacy efforts on behalf of the business community. As businesses deal with the challenges the global pandemic created, the need for a strong advocacy voice is more important than ever. Our ability to connect people and advocate for business allows us to continue serving our members.

Sherry Menor-McNamara, CCE
Chamber of Commerce Hawaii (HI)

COVID-19 has definitely forced us to adapt, adjust and pivot overnight, and be flexible in unknown territory, a territory with no playbook.

However, we seized the opportunity to create a playbook and redefine our role during this time. The obstacles we face are challenging. However, at the same time, obstacles become our team’s fuel—the fuel to ignite and blaze opportunities for a brighter path toward positive change.

Legendary basketball player and coach Doc Rivers said, “Pressure is a privilege.” That resonates with our team. To advocate, work and represent the business community is of the utmost privilege. We will push forward, together, now and well into 2021.

Lisa Krueger, ACE
Lake Havasu Area (AZ) Chamber

None of us have a crystal ball, and I’m not even sure having one would have helped over the last nine months. I have mixed emotions about 2021. I am very hopeful that the COVID-19 vaccine will become available, and that Americans will embrace the chance to fight the virus by getting immunized. I am also hopeful that in 2021, we can figure out the way to restore personal and political relationships, and ways to promote kindnesses that have been broken by 2020’s outrageousness.

I am frightened that our ability for personal peace and prosperity may be limited based on the divisiveness that has taken hold. The first quarter of 2021 will surely continue to challenge us, but we must continue the battle to overcome the pandemic and our political situations locally and globally. I pray that by April 1 we will see some light at the end of the tunnel.