New Ad Wizard Templates Provide Pandemic-Appropriate Message Options

W.A.C.E. is excited to announce the addition of three new templates that have been uploaded to the Ad Wizard to better reflect the current status of the economy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new ads were developed as a response to some inquiries from Association members asking for an ad that was more appropriate for the situation in which many communities now find themselves. The new ads were created around three of the original 10 “C” words: Commitment, Community and Courage.

Different Tone for the Times

“Both the world and the economy are in a very different place than they were just a few months ago,” said W.A.C.E. Vice President Russell Lahodny. “Though the language used in the original set of ad templates still works in many cases, the tone didn’t really address the situation we find ourselves in now. So, we reached out to BrandBirth to help develop a few new options.”

Members who paid the licensing fee last year when the Ad Wizard was launched will not be required to pay any additional fees or do anything differently.

Those who have not paid the $50 Ad Wizard licensing fee should go to and click on the “Register Here” link at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Easy to Choose

To access the ads, users may log in to the Ad Wizard as normal. When logged in, click on the “Create New” button at the top left. From there, users will be asked to select between the original 10 ads released in the Spring 2019 series or the three new ads in the Spring 2020 series.

“It’s important that chambers continue to be at the front of their communities and leverage the 3C language now more than ever,” Lahodny said. “These new ads will help you accomplish both.”

For additional information on the Ad Wizard or questions on how to access the new ad templates, please email