Chamber Goals for 2020 Include Engaging Younger Generation, Communicating Value

What new plans do you have to become a stronger 3C chamber this year?

Kami Welch
Arvada (CO) Chamber

The Arvada Chamber is committed to finding solutions to our members’ most difficult challenges. The cost of health care for employers is a growing concern. We are pleased to launch the Arvada Healthcare Alliance (AHA), in which members, their employees and their families will have access to direct primary care benefits for a low monthly cost. We will continue to champion efforts for improved outcomes for our employers leading to Arvada having the healthiest workforce in Colorado.

Pat Patrick
Lodi District (CA) Chamber

The Lodi District Chamber plans to launch an economic competitiveness website——that shows Bay Area businesses what it’s like to live and work in Lodi, and why doing so is a good business decision. This new website, which is separate from the chamber, will further our mission of being a catalyst for business growth as well as a convener for leaders and influencers, who through video testimonials share their stories of relocating from the Bay to Lodi. By bringing in businesses that are new to Lodi, and therefore by bringing more jobs to town, the chamber continues to be a champion for our community.

Whitney Diver McEvoy
Yountville (CA) Chamber

In 2020 we are focused on communicating our value and impact. We will be showcasing how the Yountville Chamber is a champion for a thriving community through all the work we do, from destination marking to resident-focused events to public policy initiatives to workforce development. We will have the courage to clearly communicate how all these elements come together to create economic vitality that enables the quality of life we so cherish in our community in the Napa Valley.

Brad Hicks
Medford Jackson Country (OR) Chamber

I really liked one of the things we heard when we were working with BrandBirth to arrive at the 3C’s: this effort was equally to “light the beacon for the next wave of great chamber executives.” I think that beacon extends to our volunteer leaders, staff and chambers in general.

To that end, a new year and a new decade naturally cause us to think about making plans and implementing new ideas. We will, of course, keep doing many of the important 3C things we currently do while pushing for a more collaborative culture in which work gets done.

A specific goal for us is to seek out and engage younger generations. We just celebrated our 100th anniversary, so we feel a strong responsibility as we tee up the next 100 years to cultivate leadership from the folks who will take the wheel after us. New and revitalized programs are in place to help us get there. Our reconstituted YP group is a great collection of young professionals who are enthusiastic about the chamber and growing the community. Further into the future, it is our hope that even younger, budding professionals will arise from our new Lemonade Day partnership.

Katie Luna
Brawley (CA) Chamber

We will align with a 3C model through several activities in 2020. But the most important by far is developing a more impactful communication strategy that will effectively convey our value.

We also plan to develop new marketing assets and a branding guideline that will provide a complete overhaul of our appearance.

Our board has a vision for growing our chamber through partnerships. This will be our year to align with a new model and build partnerships along the way.