W.A.C.E. Podcast Is Doing Its Job, Continues to Grow Its Audience

Based on member feedback, the Association’s “Chamber Leadership Podcast” is accordingly providing content and ideas to help chambers, chamber executives and their teams (including their boards) succeed and explore new ideas.

The podcasts have had more than 7,200 downloads. While, as expected, the vast majority of our listeners are in the West, the reach has grown to almost every state and includes several international listeners.

“Our primary goal is to present thought-provoking content on trends and industry best practices,” W.A.C.E. President Dave Kilby said. “We try to achieve that with a combination of commentaries and interviews, which we’re looking to do more of in 2020.”

Some of our edgier podcasts have generated feedback far and wide.

As of publication, the top five podcast episodes are:

• Episode 1 — “Essential Ingredients to Chamber Success”

• Episode 4 — “You Don’t Have a Membership Problem”

• Episode 29 — “Are There Too Many Chambers?”

• Episode 7 — “Who Does What? CEO vs. Board”

• Episode 19 — “How Important Is Your Title”


“I just listened to the podcast with Todd Sanders on becoming a transformational chamber. The topic is right on, and your Q&A will certainly encourage other chambers to rethink their program of work and their role in their communities,” said Mike Varney, W.A.C.E. Life Member and former CEO of the Tucson (AZ) Chamber.

“The ‘Are There Too Many Chambers?’ episode was an awesome podcast,” said Kristin Miller, CEO of the Goleta (CA) Chamber. “It’s a great message about being honest about what the community really needs.”

Future Topics

Anyone with suggestions for future podcast topics is asked to contact Dave Kilby at dave.kilby@calchamber.com.