Member Testimonials on W.A.C.E. Programs

Chamber Leadership Podcast “After listening to the W.A.C.E. podcast about ‘shadowing’ other chambers, my staff and I visited the Sonoma Valley Chamber to learn about what they have been up to and their best practices. As you would expect, we have much in common and plan to meet again. We plan to expand to a regional group of like-minded/similar destinations in the near future.”

Whitney Diver McEvoy, President/CEO, Yountville (CA) Chamber

CEO Salary Survey “The W.A.C.E. CEO Salary survey is a great resource for chambers, as it provides feedback to the board to benchmark the CEO compensation plan and assist in attracting and retaining the very best talent for the organization. This tool helps gain insight into our industry’s pay landscape and to make informed salary, bonus and benefit decisions. My board has used this resource repeatedly over the years to help gauge where similarly sized chambers are and ensure we are on track to stay competitive in the industry.”

Mindy McCloughan, President/CEO, Loveland (CO) Chamber

ABCs of Chamber Leadership “The ABCs of Chamber Leadership was an instrumental tool in aligning my chamber board with chamber industry norms. Being that my chamber and the other seven local chambers are in a rural, secluded portion of California, we often miss the opportunity to align industry standards with our board practices. In this workshop, Dave Kilby delivered practical and powerful information that my board members used for adapting and modernizing within our chamber. Their sense of fear for change was minimized with every bit of knowledge they gained from this training. I recommend that all chambers expose their leadership to this training. You won’t be disappointed.”

Katie Luna, President/CEO, Brawley (CA) Chamber

Ad Wizard “We recently launched our Brand Realignment Campaign, and the Ad Wizard tool made it SO easy. The Ad Wizard helped streamline all of our marketing materials, ensuring our message didn’t get lost in the design. Everything was pre-made, so all we had to do was add our logo and drop in our own photos. There are a wide variety of document sizes available, and W.A.C.E. made sure to include the most common. If you haven’t signed up for the W.A.C.E. Ad Wizard tool, what are you waiting for? It is inexpensive and worth every penny!”

Eddie McBride, President/CEO, Lubbock (TX) Chamber

Chamber Performance Survey “The Evergreen Chamber has been using the W.A.C.E. performance survey annually since 2013. We use it not only to gauge our service to our members but also to determine our marketing strategy for the coming year. By surveying our customers, we can know if we are delivering on their expectations and continue to grow our chamber. Data-driven decisions have resulted in continual, measurable growth.”

Betsy Hays, President/CEO, Evergreen Area (CO) Chamber

Webinar Series “The latest Webinar Series provided by W.A.C.E. has been extremely beneficial to me and to our entire staff. I particularly appreciated the webinar ‘Attracting New Members and Retaining Members’ presented by Cathi Hight. I gained a great deal of insight and then shared the information with our staff. We are now more focused on benchmarking, onboarding, leveraging technologies and knowing our numbers. Our entire strategic planning regarding membership has been shifted because of this one webinar.”

Rick Lee, CEO, Rock Springs (WY) Chamber