November 8 Application Deadline Looms for Awards, Emerging Leaders, Scholarships

Are you, your chamber, a neighboring chamber executive or one of your staff members a potential W.A.C.E. award winner or a scholarship recipient?

You’ll never know, if you don’t apply.

The November 8 deadline for submitting applications for the Foundation’s scholarships and the association’s awards, which will be presented at the conference in February at the Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront, is fast approaching.

Members are urged to take a moment to review the applications, which were mailed to W.A.C.E. members in last month’s issue of the Insider and can also be found on the association’s website


Plans are to present the following awards during the annual conference:

• Executive of the Year;

• Staff Person of the Year;

• Pettit “Excellence in Leadership” Award;

• Accredited Chamber Executive (ACE);

• Newsletters & E-Newsletters;

• Chamber Videos;

• Chamber Websites;

• Outstanding Chamber Program Awards.

Emerging Leaders

Applications also are being accepted for a two-year term on the association’s Emerging Leaders Council, which is designed to identify and recognize future leaders in the chamber industry who are willing to serve in an advisory capacity to the W.A.C.E. Board and President.


November 8 also is the deadline to apply for the W.A.C.E. Foundation’s conference scholarships.

Each year approximately 20 association members are awarded scholarships to cover their conference registration.

In a normal year, the odds of receiving a scholarship range from 33%–50%, but of course your odds are ZERO if you don’t apply.

Any questions about ANY of the awards or scholarships can be directed to W.A.C.E. President Dave Kilby at (916) 930-1202 or via email at