Academy Testimonials

“Academy provides its attendees with essential tools to navigate, propel and communicate a chamber’s work. I feel deeply invested in the education I’ve received from Academy as it contributes to continued growth as a chamber professional and for our organization at large. An unexpected benefit are the networks and relationships formed with Academy classmates. The willingness to share ideas, information and to grow together is invaluable. Academy speaks volumes to the spirit and comradery of the chamber industry.”
Ashley Huckaby May, Vice President, Hood River County (OR) Chamber
Graduating Class of 2019

“My time in Academy was one of the best experiences of my chamber career. Each year flows into the next; by the time you’ve implemented what you’ve learned in one year, it’s time to go back again. The classes are great, but equally valuable are the connections you build with your classmates and the faculty. Some of my best friends in this business I met in Academy—people I can always rely on for ideas and input on making my chamber better.”
Nathan Ahle, ACE, IOM, President/CEO, Fresno (CA) Chamber
Graduating Class of 2013

“I can’t say enough positive things about W.A.C.E. Academy! The overall experience and connections made over the three years are invaluable. Trust me when I tell you that no matter what level you are at in your chamber career, you will walk away with nuggets of wisdom, tricks of the trade and more effective ways to run your chamber. Academy is worth your chamber’s investment. Professional development like this keeps us relevant to our members and investors.”
Julia Jordan, CEO, West Seattle (WA) Chamber
Graduating Class of 2018

“Academy is not just for chamber CEOs or want-to-be CEOs. Nineteen years ago, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be one, but I knew I loved chamber work and wanted to learn how to run a successful chamber. W.A.C.E. Academy training gave me the confidence to apply for a CEO position and the tools to make difficult and challenging decisions every day. I am most grateful for my first chamber boss who shared the day-to-day operations with me so I could see the whole picture. With the combo of the W.A.C.E. Academy and a CEO who said, ‘go for it,’ I am prepared for the chamber world!”
Bev Jorgensen, Executive Director, Dana Point (CA) Chamber
Graduating Class of 2005