New Book Shares Timeless Advice, Wisdom

Dave Kilby

I’m happy to announce that my book, Chamber Champions: Wisdom for the Ages, has been completed and is now available.

Special thanks to the W.A.C.E. Board for supporting this project and agreeing to publish the book. Copies have been sent to all CEO members of the Association. Additional copies are available for $25—all proceeds will go to W.A.C.E.

Why This Book?

This is my personal effort to capture some advice for those who are leading chambers of commerce now and will be in the future from those who have led and shaped the chamber industry for the last several decades.

My hope is that the book will, in some small way, help chamber executives today and for years to come succeed at the art (it’s definitely NOT a science) of running a successful chamber of commerce.

Real Value

I quickly determined that in order to have REAL value, the book could NOT just be my book filled with my thoughts, opinions and advice…but, will admit, there’s plenty of that.

So, in an attempt to gather the thoughts of others, I developed a series of questions and reached out to a group of chamber pros whom I’ve had the pleasure to know, admire and work with over the years. Many are chamber icons—the best our business has ever known—including “hall of famers” who are past W.A.C.E. chairs and/or life members.

Talking Your Language

Peppered throughout the book are a number of quotes that I believe have a definite connection to the chamber business. You’ll find both “Quotes FOR Chamber Pros” and “Quotes BY Chamber Pros.” My intention is that these quotes will help drive key points, but, frankly, my real hope is that they will make you THINK.

Nothing in the book is sugar-coated. I’ve tried to share things that I think you NEED to hear and embrace.

As a paperback mentor of sorts, you can pick up the book and open it anywhere, and, hopefully, capture an “aha moment” or, at least, say to yourself, “I can relate…they’re talking my language.”

I hope you enjoy the book and will let me know what you think by emailing me at

Dave Kilby is the president and CEO of W.A.C.E., and executive vice president of corporate affairs at the California Chamber.