Chamber Industry Podcast Sees Wide Success

The Association’s semimonthly “Chamber Leadership Podcast,” which was launched back in August, is catching on and getting good feedback from the membership.

The podcasts have had more than 3,000 downloads. While listeners are predominantly from the Western states, there is a consistent presence in Illinois. The reach of the episodes extends internationally, with downloads in Canada, which was to be expected, but also in France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Japan, South Africa and Hong Kong.

Podcast content has ranged from W.A.C.E. President and CEO Dave Kilby commenting on trends and industry best practices to conversations with chamber professionals, such as Pat Patrick, Wendy Gerig, Tom Pierson and Keith Woods.

“One reason we decided to do the podcast was so content could easily be shared with chamber staff professionals and volunteer leaders who often can’t and don’t attend professional development training programs,” said Kilby. “Comments from the membership have been encouraging and seem to indicate that we’re on the right track.”


“The W.A.C.E. podcasts are an incredibly valuable resource for our entire organization,” said Kami Welch, president of the Arvada (CO) Chamber. “I frequently share them with our board and staff to help them understand the chamber industry. They are worth every moment.”

Anne Glasscock, ACE, CEO of the Kaufman (TX) Chamber, echoed similar sentiments, “I’m so excited about the addition of the podcasts to the W.A.C.E. Resources. They have been great material for our staff and board members. In fact, the one about ‘The Most Important Committee’ came out the day of my nominating committee meeting, so we all listened to it together. It was a perfect way to start the meeting.”

Future Topics

Suggestions for topics are always welcome and can be sent to Kilby at